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We provide maintenance for most brands and models of UPS systems and other select data center equipment.


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Since 1998, we have helped  many companies throughout the U.S. with their industrial and data center equipment requirements.

If you want to sell your used hardware or buy refurbished equipment, we can help. All transactions are easy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We also provide complete decommissioning services, liquidation, demolition and dismantling of data centers and industrial sites.

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Mitsubishi UPS Third Party Maintenance Repair
Nationwide Quality Repair Services for Data Center Equipment
Per Call - Preventative Maintenance - Full Service

  Third Party Mitsubishi UPS Maintenance

Mitsubishi UPS Third Party Maintenance  - Savings of Up to 40%
We provide cost effective service options for your critical Mitsubishi UPS and other data center systems. Responsive support, skilled engineers and competitive prices are the key reasons to consider our maintenance services. In the event of a failure, a highly qualified trained engineer is dispatched to unless the problem can be resolved remotely. You'll get comprehensive Mitsubishi maintenance at a fraction of OEM costs.

Mitsubishi UPS Third Party Maintenance - Technical Support
Customers have 24/7/365 access to support engineers for Mitsubishi UPS maintenance. A closed loop, time-based escalation case tracking process is used to ensure that system failures are resolved in a timely manner. Our national field engineer team averages 22 years of experience; most are former factory trained OEM technicians.

We Service all 3-Phase Mitsubishi UPS Systems

10kVA and larger - 7011A, 9700, 9800, 9900AEGIS, 9900B/C/CX, Summit Series, 2033A/B/C/D/G, DiamondPlus 1100A/B, other models.

Three Service Options to Choose From

We can service your account on a per call (time & materials) basis, perform preventative maintenance or provide a full service agreement. It's your choice.

Per Call
Full Service
Mitsubishi equipment trade-up or trade-down X X X
Field asset service transcript X X X
Thermal scan for early detection deficiencies X X X
Client web portal   X X
Preventative maintenance - 1/2 times annual   X X
Battery preventative maintenance   X X
Emergency response - next day   X X
Emergency response - same day     X
On-site corrective maintenance during PM     X
Dedicated account manager     X
Mitsubishi UPS parts, material, labor coverage     X

Spare Parts Availability
OEMs often don't have access to legacy parts, thus requiring equipment upgrades to continue maintaining your equipment. No problem. We carry a full inventory of current and legacy model UPS parts for timely repairs to minimize downtime.

Mitsubishi UPS Upgrades & Replacement Batteries
A large selection of used Mitsubishi UPS backup systems and a wide range of battery brands are available to meet your needs.  Whether upgrading existing equipment or adding more equipment, we can help. Just contact us today.

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