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We can completely remove all equipment and restore your space to office or warehouse. Equipment values are applied to overall project cost.


Save $$$ on maintenance for your UPS Systems. Call today for a quote.


Since 1998, we have helped  many companies throughout the U.S. with their industrial and data center equipment requirements.

If you want to sell your used hardware or buy refurbished equipment, we can help. All transactions are easy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We also provide complete decommissioning services, liquidation, demolition and dismantling of data centers and industrial sites.

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Buy & Sell Modular Data Centers
Used & New

Power Enclosures - Data Enclosures - Mobile Data Centers
Tailored and Scaled to Your Needs - Fast Deployment

Used Modular Data Centers

  Customized for Your Specific Requirements  

Sell Your Used Modular Data Center
To get a quote to sell your used modular data center, just email complete details about what you're selling. Be sure to include your contact information and where your modular unit is located. We guarantee a fair market offer, handle and pay for freight. Contact us today.

Quality Solutions for Your Modular Data Center Needs
Depending upon your requirements, we can tailor your used modular data center with any combination of components. Your modular unit will be customized and scaled to your specifications. With affordable used modular data centers, your backup power infrastructure operates outside of your facility so you can put your more expensive space to better use. Flexibility is unmatched by traditional build-outs. Flexibility is unmatched by traditional build-outs and designed for fast deployment wherever you may need them.

Multiple Solutions Available
Modular Data Center - Mobile Data Center - Data Enclosure - Power Enclosure

Interior Component Combinations
UPS System - Cooling System - Electrical Switchgear - Server Racks
Automatic Transfer Switch - Fire Suppression - Security - Access Control

What You Can Expect for Your Modular Data Center
Flexible Design - Cost Effective - Quality Construction - Controlled Environment
Choice of Vendors - Controlled Environment - Energy Efficient - Fully Tested

Fast Deployment Where You Need It
Unlike traditional build-outs, modular data centers allow for a much faster deployment of data center capacity. Seismic rated and built on a self supporting pad or for roof installation. The floor can handle 200 pounds per square inch.

Buy Modular Data Centers - We Can Ship Anywhere
End-to-end production capability to maximize lead time and quality control. We can deliver anywhere. Flexible installation options. Contact us today for details.

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