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Since 1998, we have helped  many companies throughout the U.S. with their industrial and data center equipment requirements.

If you want to sell your used hardware or buy refurbished equipment, we can help. All transactions are easy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Sell Used Power Generators

For fast action, contact us today to buy or sell equipment.

 Used Power Generators

  We Are Used Generator Buyers - 20kW & Larger Only  
Caterpillar Generators    Cummins Generators    Kohler Generators

Generac Generators    Mobile Genetrators    Olympian Generators

Perkins Generators    Volvo Generators    MTU Generators

SDMO Generators    Mitsubishi Generators    Detroit Generators

  Diesel, Natural Gas & Propane - All Major Brands  

See Our Diesel Inventory    See Our Natural Gas Inventory

Used Generator Buyers
For a cost-saving alternative to new gensets with the exact same performance, why not buy power generators. We sell a full range of brands and models. If required, we can install your generator through our nationwide network.
Used Power Generators for Sale - Many Brands Available
Caterpillar Generators    Cummins Generators    Kohler Generators

Generac Generators    Detroit Generators    Olympian Generators

Perkins Generators    Volvo Generators    Mobile Genetrators

SDMO Generators    Mitsubishi Generators    MTU Generators

Sell Used Generators

We are interesting in buying your used generator. We guarantee a fair market offer, handle and pay for freight. To provide a quote, we need your contact information and the city/state location of the generator. You will only be contacted regarding this transaction. Upon receipt of requested photos and information, we will review and get back to you.

What We Need About Your Genset
    1 - Photos of weather enclosure, if any.
    2 - Photos of both sides of the generator.
    3 - Close-up photos of all serial number labels.
    4 - Close-up photo of control panel with hour meter.
    5 - Advise fuel type (diesel, natural gas or propane)
    6 - Advise if there is a fuel base tank and capacity.
    7 - Photo of base tank serial number label, if available.

Easy Transactions, Satisfaction Guaranteed

In business since 1998, Baker Street Resources has helped companies throughout the U.S. sell used power generators. Whether you buy from us or sell to us, we treat you right.
We sell top quality equipment from all well-known major manufacturers. All used generators sold are fully inspected, refurbished and carries a warranty. Transactions are easy and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can count on it.


Our  Home Page     Email     Call or Text  770-326-6225

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