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Since 1998, Baker Street Resources has worked with companies throughout the country with their used equipment needs. We also provide complete removal services to include asset removals, decommissions, demolitions & dismantling. Contact us today to put us to work for you!

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Industrial Demolition, Industrial Dismantling Services

Value for Equipment and Scrap Toward Demolition Costs

Substation Dismantling    Transformer Dismantling

Industrial Demolition and Dismantling Services

  Industrial Demolition  -  Industrial Dismantling  
  Anywhere in the Continental United States  

Data Centers  -  Chemical Plants  -  Automotive Plants

Manufacturing Plants  -  Paper Mills  -  Power Plants  -  Refineries

Public Utilities  -  Military Installations  -  Others

Industrial Dismantling and Dismantling Services
To begin with, we will perform a site visit to come up with an industrial demolition proposal that will include project details, completion timing, costs, value for scrap and/or equipment and details about recycling and removal of electronics and handling of hazardous materials.

Complete Industrial Dismantling and Demolition - Anywhere in the U.S.
We have locations in Atlanta Georgia, Minneapolis Minnesota, Dallas Texas and
provide complete industrial dismantling and industrial demolition services throughout the United States. We offer a unique combination of full service demolition and dismantling contractor, surplus equipment dealer and scrap metal salvaging. We apply scrap medal and equipment values against project costs.

Data Center Dismantling and Liquidation

We also offer complete data center dismantling, to include purchasing equipment to include generators, UPS systems, HVAC cooling systems, switchgear, flooring and auxiliary equipment. If required, we can return the facility back to its original state.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

We have successfully completed many industrial demolition and industrial dismantling projects on all types of structures. Our electrical technicians are trained and experienced and will safely remove all electrical power distribution equipment from the job site.

We Specialize in Steel Structure Dismantling and Demolition.
Data Center Demo  -  Chemical Plant Demo  -  Automotive Plant Demo

Manufacturing Plant Demo  -  Paper Mill Demo  -  Power Plant Demo

Refinery Demo  -  Public Utility Demo  -  Military Installation Demo

Complete Demolition  -  Complete Dismantling  -  Scrap and Recycle

Easy Transactions, Satisfaction Guaranteed

In business since 1998, Baker Street Resources has helped companies with their demo and dismantling needs throughout the U.S.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can count on it.


We have locations in Atlanta Georgia, Minneapolis Minnesota, Dallas Texas and will travel anywhere in the U.S. for a decommissioning, demolition or dismantling project.


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