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Data Center Decommissioning


Since 1998, we have helped  many companies throughout the U.S. with their industrial and data center equipment requirements.

If you want to sell your used hardware or buy refurbished equipment, we can help. All transactions are easy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We also provide complete decommissioning services, liquidation, demolition and dismantling of data centers and industrial sites.

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Sell Used Toshiba UPS

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Sell Used Toshiba UPS

  We Are Used Toshiba UPS Buyers - Most Models  
  10kVA & Larger Only  

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Sell Used Toshiba UPS
To get a quote to sell your used UPS system, just email complete details on what you're selling. Be sure to include your contact information and where your used UPS power backup is located. We guarantee a fair market offer, handle and pay for freight. Contact us today for a quick quote.

Used Toshiba UPS Buyers
Offering a wide range of systems for business applications. Used Toshiba UPS offer superb protection to keep your equipment running during blackouts or brownouts. True online and double conversion. You can combine used Toshiba UPS three phase in redundant parallel up to a total of eight units without the need for additional control circuitry. We sell a full range of refurbished UPS equipment to meet your specific needs. All used equipment is refurbished, tested and comes with a specified warranty.

Used Toshiba UPS for Sale
4200FA - 15-50kVA    4300 - 30-50kVA    4400 - 15-100kVA

G2020 - 500-750kVA    G8000 - 80-500kVA    G9000 - 100-2000kVA

G9400 - 1200-2000kVA    1600EP - 8-22kVA    1600XP/XPI - 5-22kVA

UPS Battery Cabinets & Batteries

Refurbished battery cabinets and new batteries are available for all UPS systems at excellent prices. Call today for details and a quote.

Turnkey Installation
Full turnkey services for your data center equipment to include rigging, placement, electrical installation, startup commissioning and third-party maintenance.

Rentals &
Maintenance Repair
Consider a low cost service option for your Toshiba UPS with savings of up to 40%. Responsive support, skilled engineers and competitive prices are the key reasons to consider our third party maintenance service. We can also provide cost-effective rentals for any interim situation needs for your data center.

Easy Transactions, Satisfaction Guaranteed

In business since 1998, Baker Street Resources has helped companies throughout the U.S. with their Data Center equipment needs. Whether you buy from us or sell to us, we treat you right.
We sell top quality equipment from all well-known major manufacturers. All used data center hardware sold is fully inspected, refurbished and carries a warranty. Transactions are easy and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can count on it.


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