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Since 1998, Baker Street Resources has worked with companies throughout the country with their used equipment needs. We also provide complete removal services to include asset removals, decommissions, demolitions & dismantling. Contact us today to put us to work for you!

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Sell Used Raised Access Floors

For fast action, contact us today to buy or sell equipment.

 Used Raised Access Floors

  Quality Data Center Access Flooring - Minimum 500 SF  

Sell Used Raised Floors

To get a quote to sell your flooring, just email complete details on what you're selling. Be sure to include your contact information and where your used access floor is located. We guarantee a fair market offer, handle and pay for freight.

Refurbished Used Access Floors

Used raised access floors are an excellent way to save money when building an expensive data center. Quality computer room used access floors provide strength and durability for heavy equipment and rolling load applications. We sell a full range of floors. If required, we may be able to install your data center refurbished flooring through our nationwide network of companies.

Sell Your Used Data Center Hardware

If your equipment is in good working and cosmetic condition, but no longer serves your needs, just email complete details. Please include your contact information and location of your used Data Center hardware. We pay a fair market value, handle and pay freight.

Easy Transactions with Baker Street

We've been in business since 1998 helping companies throughout the U.S. with their Data Center equipment needs. Whether you buy from us or sell to us, we treat you right.
We sell top quality equipment from all well-known major manufacturers. All used Data Center hardware sold is fully inspected, refurbished and carries a warranty. Transactions are easy and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Count on it.

prices, with warranty. Contact us today for your used raised access floor needs.


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