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For over 20 years, Baker Street has helped many companies throughout the U.S. with their data center needs. From purchase order to equipment pick up or delivery, we make the entire transaction easy. Just contact us today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Sell Used Electrical Substations

For fast action, contact us today to buy or sell equipment.

 Sell Used Electrical Substations

  Quality Electrical Substations - All Major Brands  
Asea   CG   Cooper/McGraw   Fayetteville   Ferranti/Packard   Magnetek

Ohio   People   Schaffner   Seva   Taishan   Tianan   Virginia   Others

Sell Used Electrical Substations
To get a quote to sell used electrical substations, just fax or email complete details on what you're selling. Be sure to include your contact information and where your used substation is located. We guarantee a fair market offer, handle and pay for freight.

Buy Refurbished Electrical Substations
We provide a complete range of used electrical substations that are refurbished, tested and come with warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed. We sell used electrical substations that are a great cost-saving alternative to new equipment. Contact us today for prices.

Sell Used Electrical Substations - Most Brands

We buy and sell used electrical substations from all major manufacturers that you can trust. We pay top dollar for used substations or you can save big on the purchase of used substation equipment.

Used Substation Transformers - Most Brands
Asea    CG    Cooper/McGraw    Fayetteville    Ferranti/Packard    Magnetek

Ohio    People    Schaffner    Seva    Taishan    Tianan    Virginia    Others

We Buy Other Electrical Equipment

Electrical Switchgear    Electrical Switchboards    Electrical Transformers

Motor Control Centers    Outdoor Electrical Switchgear    Substation Transformers

Easy Transactions, Satisfaction Guaranteed

In business since 1998, Baker Street Resources has helped companies throughout the U.S. with their Data Center equipment needs. Whether you buy from us or sell to us, we treat you right.
We sell top quality equipment from all well-known major manufacturers. All used data center hardware sold is fully inspected, refurbished and carries a warranty. Transactions are easy and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can count on it.

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