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For over 20 years, Baker Street has helped many companies throughout the U.S. with their data center needs. From purchase order to equipment pick up or delivery, we make the entire transaction easy. Just contact us today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Available Used UPS Systems

Turnkey Services
Full turnkey services for your UPS system: rigging, placement,
electrical installation, startup commissioning and maintenance.

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Batteries - Full range of sizes
Battery Cabinets
- All brands, sizes
Maintenance Bypass
- All brands, sizes
Power Distribution
- All brands, sizes
Rack Mount UPS
- All brands, models

APC Symmetra PX - 20-500kVA
APC Symmetra MW - 400-1600kVA
APC SUVT - 10-40kVA

Chloride CP40Z - 10kVA
Chloride CP60Z - 10-60kVA
Chloride CP70Z - 10-500kVA
Chloride NP90Z - 10-500kVA
Chloride CP3020 - 10-20kVA
Chloride CP3150 - 100-150kVA
Chloride EDP70Plus - 12-80kVA
Chloride 90Net - 180-750kVA

Eaton Powerware 9150 - 8-12kVA
Eaton Powerware 9155 - 8-15kVA
Eaton Powerware 9170 - 3-18kVA
Eaton Powerware 9315 - 30-500kVA
Eaton Powerware 9320 - 10-60kVA
Eaton Powerware 9330 - 10-40kVA
Eaton Powerware 9335 - 80-120kVA
Eaton Powerware 9390 - 20-160kVA
Eaton Powerware
9390IT - 40kVA
Eaton Powerware
9395 - 225-1100kVA
Eaton Powerware 93E - 20-60kVA
Eaton Powerware 93PM - 30-200kW
Eaton Powerware 9E - 15-400kVA
Eaton Powerware
9PR -25-200kW
Eaton Powerware 9PX -6-12kVA
Eaton Powerware BladeUPS - 8-60kVA
Eaton Powerware
E Series - 20-40kVA

GE TLE - 30-1000kW
GE LP33 - 10-100kVA
GE SG - 10-750kVA

Galaxy 3500/3000 - 10-40 kVA
MGE Galaxy 4000 - 40-75 kVA
MGE Galaxy 5500/5000 - 20-120 kVA
MGE Galaxy 6000 - 250-600 kVA
MGE Galaxy 9000 - 800-900 kVA
MGE Galaxy VM - 160-225 kVA
MGE EPS 7000 - 300-500 kVA
MGE E PS 8000 - 555-1125 kVA

Mitsubishi 1100A/B - 10-80kVA
2033 - 10-80kVA
Mitsubishi 7011A - 6-12kVA
Mitsubishi 9700 - 100-225kVA
9800 - 100-750kVA

Mitsubishi 9900 - 80-1050kVA

Staco Energy PE Series - 50-200kVA   
 Staco Energy XD Series - 10-40kVA
Staco Energy PL/PLT Series -10-60kVA
Staco Energy P Series - 65-500kVA

1600EP - 8-22kVA
Toshiba 1600XP/XPI - 5-22kVA
Toshiba 4200FA - 15-80kVA
Toshiba 4300 - 30-50kVA
Toshiba 4400 - 15-80kVA
Toshiba G2020 - 500-750kVA
Toshiba G8000 - 80-500kVA
Toshiba G9000 - 100-1000kVA

Tripp Lite SUT Series - 20-60kVA
 Tripp Lite SV Series - 20-140kVA

Vertiv Emerson Liebert APM - 15-90kW
Vertiv Emerson Liebert APS - 5-20kVA
Vertiv Emerson Liebert eXM - 10-250kVA
Vertiv Emerson Liebert eXL - 625-1200kVA
Vertiv Emerson Liebert ITM - 70-280kW
Vertiv Emerson
Liebert 600 - 65-400kVA
Vertiv Emerson Liebert 610 - 225-1100kVA
Vertiv Emerson Liebert Nfinity - 4-20kVA
Vertiv Emerson Liebert Npower - 30-130kVA
Vertiv Emerson Liebert NX - 10-600kVA
Vertiv Emerson Liebert NXL - 250-1100kVA

Xtreme Power E90 Series - 10-20kVA
Xtreme Power R91 Series - 20kVA/18kW

Xtreme Power M90 Series - 15-60kVA
Xtreme Power NXTi Series - 20kVA

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